Wills in Crawley

Making a will is very important, but something that a lot of people never get round to doing, or even actively avoid. No one likes thinking about what happens after they die, but making a will can bring many benefits to the people you leave behind, including the following:

  • you can choose who you wish to inherit your assets, rather than leaving this up to the law around intestacy
  • if you’re in an unmarried couple, leaving a will can ensure your partner will be provided for
  • if you have children, you can specify exactly who you want to be their guardians in the event of your death
  • by making it clear exactly what you want to leave to specific individuals, a will can help your family avoid disputes or disagreements about how your assets should be shared out
  • the process of dealing with the money, property and other assets that you leave behind will be much easier for the executor of your will
  • making a will can help you make sure you don’t pay more inheritance tax than is necessary
  • making a will gives you peace of mind that your family won’t have disputes and stress around dealing with your estate
  • if you die without a will, your wishes may well not be carried out.

With so many benefits to making a will, it is perhaps surprising that many people choose not to. However, with expert legal advice and assistance, it is very straightforward to write a valid will that will mean your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend.