Conveyancing in Crawley

The process of conveyancing is a legal requirement for the sale or purchase of a property. However, it can often be a long and drawn out process, and adds costs to the transaction of buying or selling the property, prompting some people to wonder whether they could just carry out the conveyancing themselves. While carrying out your own conveyancing is technically possible, it is much quicker, easier and more effective to engage a solicitor or conveyancer to undertake this work for you.

This is because if you have no background knowledge or expertise of legal and administrative matters, there is a risk you may miss vital searches, make a mistake about the property’s boundaries or even end up with a contract that isn’t valid. Any of these errors can lead to increased stress and perhaps even expensive legal proceedings, that you wouldn’t need to worry about if you had just engaged a professional solicitor or conveyancer. A solicitor or conveyancer will also have the experience or expertise to interpret the results of your searches, identifying any issues that may have an impact on your purchase of a property. If you do it yourself, you could miss some of these details and end up with a property that is built over a sewer, or liability for repairs to your local church. If you’re buying a property with a mortgage, it’s also highly unlikely that you will be able to do your own conveyancing, as most mortgage lenders will not allow it.

With so many potential pitfalls to conveyancing, it’s not difficult to see why the best choice is to instruct a professional to carry it out for you.